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Girls, guys, kids, pets - before you trudge out looking for voice acting gigs, TAKE MY COURSE. It's four weeks. It includes voice acting and audition tricks only the professionals know. I'll provide fun scripts, honest critiques, and even a schmidge of production assistants (don't get crazy!). This class has already improved countless voices, performances, and confidences dramatically. Sign up below. Limited slots available and it begins July 5, 2021, so SIGN UP NOW!


How To Voice Act JULY 2021

$394.00 Regular Price
$197.00Sale Price
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of this course, we are unable to issue refunds after the course begins at midnight on July 5, 2021. 

  • A one-hour seminar will be released each Monday morning (Eastern time) along with that week's assignment. There will be a video link provided via e-mail with a password to access the video. Students have a week to complete and return assignments for a critique. Don't worry - there's no grading, only suggestions.