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Getting Ready for Voice Acting Auditions.

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

A great way to start as a voice actor is to have a few scripts memorized and well-rehearsed. Maybe a story that takes your audience on a short journey from one place to another. This shows you can transition well. Your scripts or lines can be something you wrote yourself, or they can borrow from popular lines everyone knows. A director will put you on the spot during some auditions, probably in front of several other people, and ask you to “wow” them. Those who are prepared with some of their own material usually win the parts.

Some acting coaches call these “monologues,” kind of what late night television hosts do at the beginning of every show. Your monologue should feel natural to you, like you’re telling a personal story that’s fun to tell, and even more fun to act out. It should be the kind of character you envision yourself playing. Maybe it’s your favorite movie or cartoon character. Maybe it’s something you came up with in your own head. Maybe it’s a hybrid of many famous characters, or classic lines from movies or cartoons. The best monologues are journeys from one place or emotion to another. Take your audience on a short journey.

Whatever it is, make it yours, memorize it, rehearse it, and have a lot of fun with it. You can speak to an audience, to an invisible character, or with yourself. Just make sure it’s short. A minute is great. Two minutes tops. If the casting director wants to hear more, she’ll ask for more. So make sure you’ve got enough material to show you have depth. Maybe a second monologue. Blow their socks off!

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