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Become an Impersonation Sensation.

For years, people have probably told you to "be yourself." "People will love you for who you are." Worst advice ever! When I began my own voiceover career adventure, I followed that terrible advice and got nowhere. I thought about that advice for a while, and hypothesized what people are saying is "Don't be me. I don't want you to replace me." The truth is, people are successful for a reason. Why not borrow a little of their secret sauce to jumpstart your own career?

My voice acting career didn't take off until I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance to do something different. When legendary movie trailer voice actor Don LaFontaine died in 2008, I saw an opportunity. Knowing no one could ever fill those shoes, I decided that maybe I could at least be his socks. I used to play around and do silly movie trailers when leaving voice mails, so I took that to the next level and offered my own take on Don's voice and delivery. Before I knew it, I had a sustaining career as the new movie trailer voice. Hollywood moved away from the trailer voice, but thousands of budding independent filmmakers longed for a sliver of the gilded past and hired me to provide that voice for their own trailers.

Since then, I've spent countless hours studying, practicing, and mastering several other very popular celebrity voice impersonations including Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Mike Rowe, Bill Kurtis, Jim Forbes, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and several others. To this day, I still watch their movies and television shows and continually study how they pronounce and enunciate certain words and phrases. And every day, it gets a little better. Check out my Morgan Freeman versus James Earl Jones impersonations done with some very cool deepfake video software:

If you've ever goofed around and done some celebrity impersonations just for fun, there just might be a market for that! Study it, practice it, and create a demo to share with the world. You never know who will stumble upon it and write you a check to perform it for them.

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