People pay me to talk. I know – that is ridiculous. If everyone were paid to talk, I sure as heck know a ton of people who would be trillionaires.

The most popular question I get is something like, “My mother tells me I have a great voice. How do I get into the voiceover business?” As a matter of fact, that's why I don't run online ads. I ended up with more people asking me how they can become a voice talent than voice jobs. I worked as a nightclub DJ to pay for school, so I had to speak to announce specials and contests. I suppose people liked my voice, and I was asked to record radio commercials, telephone messages, a few small movie trailers, and that sort of thing. Eventually, that became a full-time job. I never set out to become a voice actor, so I am not really sure how someone would pursue that career from scratch. 

What set my voiceover skills apart is an inhuman vocal range and some pretty amazing voice acting skills. I’ve been told I can cover about five or so octaves, whatever that means, from animated squirrels to a stunning Morgan Freeman impersonation. Apparently, that’s kinda rare.


Fast-forward a bunch of years, and I’ve met a bunch of celebrities and done hundreds of movie trailers, radio and television commercials nationwide, and several international projects too. My voice can be heard all over the world – and that’s kind of weird! A friend visited a planetarium in Germany where I voiced an English narration, and it kind of freaked her out. It would have freaked me out too.

Today, I’m proud to be represented by Pastorini-Bosby talent in the great state of Texas. I’ve decided to remain non-union for the time being so I can continue to voice smaller and more interesting voiceover gigs rather than being nailed down to boring corporate stuff. Plus, I can keep my rates a bit more reasonable. 

I’m incredibly easy to work with, and I don’t have the primadonna attitude problem many other voice talents I’ve met have. Dude – you’re a voice talent, not an A-list celebrity! I am in tune with the industry, I can offer great quality sound, and offer all my clients the best service. Try my voiceover services and see for yourself why my clients are blown away by the quality, speed and service I provide.


Thanks for swinging by!


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