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Voice Acting: Lessons Online Now on Udemy!

Want to be the next big voice in anime? Cartoons? Commercials? Movie trailers? Before you trudge out looking for voice acting gigs, WATCH MY COURSE. It's four lessons. It includes voice acting and audition tricks only the professionals know. And it will improve your voice, your performance, and your confidence dramatically. Since the terrestrial radio business consolidated (i.e., collapsed) and introduced "tracking," zillions of new voice actors have shown up on the scene. Good news for us real actors is most tend to fade away since they can't seem to escape that horrid radio announcer delivery no one wants. But does the cream always rise to the top? Sometimes it does.

We've done dozens of voice acting workshops. And the number one question I get is, "How do I find voice acting work?" It's a great question that's not easily answered. To be honest, it's a really weird stew consisting of countless cold calls, personal connections, endless rejections, serendipity, and a little luck. But you can't win if you don't play, so play. Sign up here!

Remember, before you can get work, you've got to be GOOD at what you do. Even if you're already good, this course will make you BETTER.​ I look forward to hearing your voice on the air everywhere!

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