Fresh offers a stunning Morgan Freeman voice impersonation along with other celebrity voice legends including:

  • Morgan Freeman

  • James Earl Jones

  • Casey Kasem

  • Don LaFontaine

  • Bill Kurtis

  • Billy Crudup 

  • Mark Meers

  • Tom Kane

  • Tom Kenny

  • Ian McKellen

  • Will Lyman

  • Randy Schell

  • Peter Cullen

  • Mike Rowe

  • Don Pardo

  • Jack Nicholson

  • Dick Vitale

These are undoubtedly the most respected announcer voices in the history of the voice over business, and can bring a certain gravitas and legitimacy to your project.

Fresh has more than 30 years experience in the voice actingindustry. That's right - he is more than just a plain, old DJ or announcer! Chuck has done cartoon voices, an Australian accent for an Aussie clothing company, sang a country music jingle, and even performed an Indian accent for a telemarketing training program that was used in India! Chuck has been cast in several video games and movies too. He fronts the country music project Jake McGrew and the alternative rock back Font. 

Let Chuck do the talkin' for you. The voice you choose for your project will convey confidence and hopefully inspire trust. The voice is your ambassador, so make sure it sounds exactly as you planned. Any project looks and sounds a hundred times more professional with experienced and capable talent. Inexpensive amateurs have flooded the market with terrible acting skills. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong voice talent – a professional voice actor will make all the difference.

Listen for yourself... then order your own voice recording now!

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